Mgr. Veronika Ságová, PhD.

My enthusiasm for English language began several years ago when I luckily had an opportunity to study abroad. The experience of studying and living in an English speaking country, and the experience of getting a personal and truly authentic insight into a different culture aroused not only my interest, but passion for English, too.

As I further wanted to improve my foreign language skills and deepen knowledge of this beautifully melodious language, I made a decision to apply for the English teacher-training programme at university.

While doing a bachelor’s degree full-time, I felt a strong need to put theory into practice and therefore I decided to study part-time at the Faculty of Education at UKF in Nitra and thus get a master’s degree. I enjoyed studying and working simultaneously. The more I studied and worked, the more I enjoyed the chosen combination. Applying teaching approaches and methods into a teaching-learning process, and trying various techniques and activities out fascinated me as I could find out for myself what worked well, what needed to be altered, and what needed to be replaced.

Good school grades, satisfaction the studies brought me, positive responses of my students, passion for English, and a potential my parents saw in me together with an ambition to become an English language methodology specialist made me apply for a PhD. study programme – Didactics of English Language and Literature.

Due to my own diligence and persistence, and highly recognised, inspiring and friendly professionals who work at the Department of Language Pedagogy and Intercultural Studies, I successfully finished my studies and got a doctoral degree. The doctoral study programme, which expanded my horizons considerably, helped me grow both intellectually and professionally.

Currently, I am employed as a TEFL teacher at a secondary school, where I not only educate the young, but also conduct research with the aim of enhancing a teaching-learning process. I also cooperate with university students as I provide them with didactical guidance while carrying out their compulsory professional experience. Except for being a teacher and a researcher, I am writing a scientific monograph and I am creating teaching and methodological materials for pre-service and in-service TEFL teachers.

All my experience considered, if you are to choose a university, I do recommend the Faculty of Education at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. The choice of mine was definitely the right one!