Mgr. Michal Pigula

My name is Michal and I’m currently jumping between working as an English lecturer at a private language school, a freelance translator, and a camp counselor in the USA oversummer. Ever since my studies at a secondary bilingual grammar school, every aspect of my life has been somehow interwoven with English and the pursuit of improving myself to the highest level naturally led me to choosing UKF and KLIS as a place with a reputation for being a revered high level education platform, and I could not have made a better decision. My chief philosophy was to get to a place where I felt I could not improve anymore, then find a way to improve regardless, and then wait for doors to open. Thanks to the support of my wonderful professors and many classmates, doors did open, and I am proud to say that I love what I do every single day, and that dedicating yourself to studying a language to the highest level pays off. Big time.

My fascination and continuous self-motivation to learn the English language always stemmed from the acknowledgment of its richness and a sense of never ending discovery. My professors at KLIS not only cultivated my desire to perfect the already established language codex, but also the need to discover the above and beyond of it, its conversation quirks, history, hidden meanings, dialects, the list goes on. Seeing so many professors enthralled by the culture of English-speaking countries and their willingness to not only share, but challenge us to pursue the depths of language ourselves and never cease, has been a driving force behind my success today.

I would remind myself that there is no such thing as being “too involved” with the department life (Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, KLIŠmas). Sometimes it might seem overwhelming but it is always a team job at the end of the day and is guaranteed to give you the best memories of your academic life.

Watch Game of Thrones. Get a Netflix subscription. Read/Audiobook your compulsory reading – it will go a long way. Be as excited about community events as your professors – it will go even farther. Be someone who drives the potential of the department forward, not someone who stalls it. Did I mention Game of Thrones? Seriously, go catch up.