Mgr. Klaudia Pauliková, PhD.

I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher.

I clearly recall my grandpa and me sitting together in the cold afternoons in their house simulating school. We used to play teacher and student in school, write dictations, give and write homework, and train grammar. I have to tell, my grandpa was an excellent (and very tolerant) student.

My excitement for teaching has not faded ever since. During my early studies in the local grammar school in my hometown Komárno, I realised that there is one particular subject I enjoy more than others – English. My parents registered me to a language school, where I started attending English classes several times a week. I left the language school at the age of 18 with two international certificates in English at level B2 and two at level C1.

After graduating grammar school, I decided to collect working experience. Although I tried more jobs during those five years, they all had one thing in common – using English as a primary language. Then, in 2012 I applied to the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. I naturally, selected the English teacher trainee program. I went through the bachelor program with ease, joy and excitement (despite the fact that not always had I been the smartest student J). I didn’t even hesitate and applied for the master studies, as well. I graduated in 2017. By that time, I had already been successfully teaching at a local language school, which, indeed, was not a job – much rather a hobby for me. Although I had had teaching experience before, the five years at this university enriched me with a great amount of knowledge, which I will always be grateful for.

In 2017, just after finishing my master studies, I applied for the PhD studies at the same department, same university. During these three years I became a fully-fledged member of the department, started experiencing the wonders of teaching future teachers and got familiar with the true nature of “life” at the university. That was the time when I realized that teaching English is important, however preparing future English teachers for their profession is a true mission. Hence, since 2020 I have worked as a university teacher and I have never enjoyed my working life more than here at the department.

Mgr. Klaudia Paulikova, PhD.