Mgr. Zuzana Kočišková

Zuzana Kočišková – property assistant in an estate agency, London.

I was a student at the University of Constantine the Philosopher between the years of 2011 and 2016. After getting my Master’s degree in 2016, I decided to move to the UK.

At first I moved to the Scottish Highlands where I worked at Cairngorm Hotel. After a couple of months, I decided to move to Edinburgh where I got a job at a direct marketing company where I worked my way up to team leader in a sales team. In this position I got a chance to not just improve my sales, recruitment, and managerial skills, but also to travel. I ran business trips to Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Manchester. Consequently, I worked in the Newcastle office for three months and the London office for another year. At the moment I live in London and I work as a property assistant in an estate agency, which allows me to implement my sales and managerial skills.

My time at the University of Constantine the Philosopher was not just an opportunity to educated myself, but also to explore and grow as a person. It’s been almost three years since I finished my studies, and looking back at the years I spent there makes me appreciate the community of like minded people who help you to not just improve your language skills, but also learn about other cultures and encourage you to explore the world outside of our borders. One of the most memorable moments for me was definitely the first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day organised by Niall Kenny, as this was the first time I fully realised how different and interesting other cultures are. I spent my first summer in Scotland after I finished my second year of university and it was thanks to one of my course mates who is still one of my best friends. My time at UKF will always be special to me not just because of the education I received there, but more importantly because of the amazing people who become my mentors and good friends and helped me to realise that there is a big world out there and it is worth exploring.

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