Mgr. Juraj Datko, PhD.

Hi everyone!

Several years ago I worked in Southend-on-Sea where I fell in love with England and the British culture. The experience later resulted in applying for the English teacher-training programme at our department. The study programme provided a solid foundation in linguistics, literature, and teaching methodology, but I felt that I had not reached my full potential. During the final year, the humanistic and inspirational environment created by the highly knowledgeable pedagogues finally convinced me to continue in my intellectual growth and get a doctoral degree.

During the PhD. studies, I realized that it was the right decision. Being able to conduct research in those language pedagogy areas that interested me without any tight restrictions, where the only limit is your creativity, brought a strong sense of satisfaction. The doctoral study programme has helped me in every aspect of my life.

And when there was an offer on the table to become a member of the department staff, I simply could not refuse. Thanks to the familiarity with the environment, the transition from a student to a lecturer was smooth and now I am in the position where I have a strong influence on future generations of English teachers. Truly a dream job!