Mgr. Milan Ivenz

When I was 18 I had no idea who I wanted to be after school. I was absolutely clueless about what I wanted to do with my life when I chose to study on the programme English Language and Culture. I’m still not exactly sure – 2 years after I finished my studies – but I know for sure that it was the perfect decision for me as I do have options. And options are usually good. And speaking of options – I found the love of my life there.

Studying a language doesn’t limit you to be able to do only one job for the rest of your life. In case you do not find yourself enjoying it much after some years, you have other possibilities to grow. Studying a language extends your general knowledge, sends you off into the world, allows you to take an interest in different working fields and find yourself a decent place in the job market if you try hard enough.

I myself have always been close to musical instruments and copywriting. Should I have gone off and studied business and marketing? I studied language to be able to set myself on a higher goal. I had plenty of time to pay attention to my hobbies and jobs during school and got better at what I actually wanted to do. I was able to spend time with wonderful people who became friends for life. The whole while studying interesting subjects in entertaining classes, and being able to enjoy every single bit of the 5 years to its fullest. This all lead me to be able to start at a job at the world’s biggest Musical Instrument reseller company one week after I finished my state exams.

The Pedagogical Faculty of Constantine the Philosopher’s University is a very warm, family-like environment with people of great knowledge and experience. If you want to experience the university on a personal level, to educate yourself to explore the world, or just to gain the necessary skill-sets to be able to apply your experiences in the local job market – this would be the place to do it.