At present, the department focuses on the following research areas:

Pedagogical Sciences

  • current issues of foreign language teaching at all levels of education, with particular emphasis on integrated (CLIL) and inclusive teaching of foreign languages (teaching foreign languages for pupils with general intellectual giftedness and pupils with special educational needs)
  • applying modern technologies in teaching foreign languages (multimedia, e-learning, CALL, mobile learning, social media in teaching English as a foreign language)
  • systematic building of the research base necessary for the scientific development of foreign language didactics and selected branches of applied linguistics:
    • developing intercultural competences in foreign language teaching
    • foreign language learning strategies
    • innovative methods of teaching pronunciation in English
    • Slovak teachers’ English language pronunciation anxiety
    • psycholinguistic aspects of English language teaching


  • intercultural studies
  • sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects in English
  • American minority literature
  • American poetry of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • English phonetics and phonology – Slovak-English contrasting approach
  • English lexicology – Slovak-English contrasting approach
  • English phraseology – Slovak-English contrasting approach
  • English morphosyntax – Slovak-English contrasting approach