Mgr. Dávid Grich

If I was in a position of choosing a university, I would definitely make the same decision. The school gave me exactly what I expected – knowledge, skills, experience, memories and, last but not least, the lifelong friendships.

I am working as a journalist and it’s definitely a dream job for me. It has nothing to do with stereotype as every single day is different. The best thing about it is to meet and talk to those people I would have never met if I had a different job.

If anyone ever told me that once I will meet the main character from one of the best films ever made (Tim Robbins – The Shawshank Redemption) or famous R&B singer Jason Derulo, I would think they have gone crazy. As I did the interview with him, there was a comment below the video interview (quote – Who’s that reporter with such perfect English?) – it was the biggest compliment I have ever received. Eva Reid, thank you! (Phonetics and Phonology was one of my most favourite courses).

But back to English language and culture studies – If you are interested in translation, Zuzana Tabačková is definitely the most qualified person in this field. She has been (and I’m sure she still is) helpful, friendly and human. Thanks to her attitude you will gain more than just studying itself.

The Department of Language Pedagogy and Intercultural Studies gives you as a student an opportunity to do what you want to do in the future.